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Gearlab Outdoors is proud to introduce our first norsaq, a tool used in many styles of Greenland rolls.


The First Carbon Fiber Norsaq Paddle.

The Aleut and Inuit people used norsaqs as a leverage tool to add power when throwing harpoons. The dwarf paddle sat on top of their kayak and helped them roll when their Greenland paddle was dropped. Norsaqs - also known as rolling sticks, rolling pins, throwing sticks, atlatl, and woomera - are now rarely used as originally intended with harpoons, but they remain a tool used in many styles of Greenland rolls.


Fun for Rolling

Pikatti means “companion” in the Inuit language and, indeed, this norsaq serves as a paddler’s partner for challenging rolls.The Pikatti retains the traditional Inuit shape, but utilizes Gearlab Outdoors' modern composite carbon fiber to produce a strong, light and buoyant norsaq.  With its catchy Gearlab logo, the Pikatti is certain to be a fun norsaq for rolling.


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Size & Specs

length 44.8cm
width at top 8.3cm
width at bottom (grip area) 4.9cm
weight 115 ± 30 g
material Carbon Fiber



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