Carbon Fiber Ferrule

Carbon Fiber Ferrule transforms a one-piece wooden paddle into two parts for easy transportation and storage.


Easy Transformation

Gearlab Outdoors' ferrule can be added to any wooden paddle, providing the sturdiness of a one-piece paddle with the convenience of a two-piece design.

Carbon Fiber Ferrule



Firm and Flush

The ferrule uses a carbon fiber spring joint to snap firmly together. There are no protruding parts, the shaft remains flush, and no tools are needed to separate or reattach the paddle. Most important, the connection remains secure with Gearlab Outdoors' unique Diamond Joint and there is no flex in the connection.

Carbon Fiber Ferrule



Rust-Free Joint

Gearlab uses aerospace-grade titanium screws, a carbon fiber spring and a PU joint to eliminate the possibility of corrosion from salt water.

Carbon Fiber Ferrule


Size & Specs

length 32cm
inner diameter 2.8cm
outer diameter 3.1cm
weight 155 ± 10 g
material Carbon Fiber
assembly overlap length 7cm on each side



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