The Malik is a great solution for kayakers fresh to Greenland-style paddling. The perfect companion for kayak clubs or a cool spare paddle. Malik tributes to the meaning of wave in Inuit.
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Discover Greenland-Style Paddling

You’ve heard all about it, and now is the time to experience one. Introducing Malik, the first entry-level polypropylene blade from the world’s premier performance Greenland-style paddle brand.




Classic Design. Avant-garde Materials. Affordable Price Point.

The Malik is specifically designed for both new and veteran kayakers interested in exploring Greenland-style paddling.

The blade is topped with Gearlab’s signature ProTek replaceable tips and patented D-Joint fiberglass shaft. It is meticulously crafted from lightweight, durable materials and features an intuitive, ergonomic design a Greenland paddle is known for.




Re-Experience the Beauty of Kayaking

The Inuits designed it not only for propulsion, but also for swift maneuvering, overcoming high winds, and improving rolling techniques. The Malik is the perfect paddle for curious kayakers to experience the beauty, efficiency and ergonomics of a leaner, longer blade.




More Features

Diamond Joint

Diamond Joint
The innovative metal-free carbon spring joint design snaps securely together to ensure a flush, firm connection between the blades. The result is a paddle offering two-piece convenience and a streamlined, one-piece paddling experience.

Titanium Hardware

Titanium Hardware
Aerospace grade Titanium screws are used in all Gearlab paddles, ensuring that even the smallest element of a Gearlab paddle remains strong and rustproof.

Two Piece

Two Piece
All Gearlab paddles feature a two-piece design that separates quickly for convenient transportation and storage on the kayak deck. The low-profile carbon fiber button release creates a flush joint and sleek paddle shaft.

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Pick The Right Size

Size is power. The longer the paddle is, the more power it produces. The shorter the paddle is, the less power it produces. The best of both words, the Regular Size will give you enough power, while relaxing enough for your long journeys.

Size & Specs

size Regular
length 220cm
loom length 53cm
blade width 8.8cm
weight 1090 ± 10 g
blade material Polypropylene
shaft material Carbon Fiber



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